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Humanistic Integrative Therapy 

Working integratively means I draw upon different forms of therapy, including Humanistic, Existential and Psychodynamic; tailoring the work to the individual, adapting each form appropriately for the situation. This is all underpinned by a wholehearted, compassionate approach.

Counselling can relieve mental or emotional distress by helping us recognise inner conflicts and issues of which we are unaware. When faced with difficulty, children instinctively form psychological defences that help them adapt to their environment and reduce anxiety. In adulthood, the adaptions that were once effective in avoiding pain can negatively impact our relationships in the here and now.

Part of the therapeutic process is bringing unconscious feelings into awareness so we can understand ourselves and our relationship with the world around us, making us better equipped to face life’s challenges and gain emotional resilience and maturity.

I provide a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space to explore what may be contributing to your current difficulties, offering an environment for you to express anger or need without the risk of retribution. With frequent contact with this empathetic relationship, we can start to build a model for safe, healthy relationships.

I offer short-term and long-term therapy, and if we agree to work together, we can decide the best way forward for you.


Experience includes: Substance and behavioural addiction • 12 step recovery programmes • trauma • OCD • pure O • ADHD • domestic violence • bereavement • depression • low self-esteem • disordered eating • suicidal ideation (suicidal thoughts) • Gender identity • I welcome people from GSRD communities (gender, sexual and relationship diversity). 


Certificate in Humanistic Integrative  Counselling

CPPD Counselling School

Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling

CPPD Counselling School

Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling

CPPD Counselling School

Taking Notes
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"Alison is a phenomenal therapist.
Her warmth and compassion allowed me to open up and feel safe. Alison made me feel seen, heard, and understood, and that my thoughts and feelings had value. She helped me navigate some painful childhood memories and I have felt true moments of healing during sessions with Alison. I honestly cannot give enough credit and I am sure I could write a book with all that I heave learnt!
Therapy with Alison has been one of the greatest gifts that I have given myself. Forever grateful."


North London

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